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From: The Chief Instigator
To: John D.Wentzky
Date: 2007-03-30 12:10:24
Subject: Re: Court keeps pro-life literature distribution at Michigan school

From: The Chief Instigator <patrick{at}>

"John D.Wentzky" <johndwentzky{at}> writes:

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>>>> "John D.Wentzky"
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>>>>>>>> Douglas Berry
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>>>>>>>>> On  Thu, 29 Mar 2007 17:22:54 -0400
there was an Ancient "John
>>>>>>>>> D.Wentzky"
<johndwentzky{at}> who stoppeth one in
>>>>>>>>> alt.atheism

>>>>>>>>>> The charges must be legitimate for
it to make it to court.

>>>>>>>>> They are.

>>>>>>>>>> The charges are false.

>>>>>>>>> That will be decided by a jury.
Honestly, after hearing
>>>>>>>>> testimony from the police and seeing
you on the stand, I'd
>>>>>>>>> expect a guilty verdict in under an hour.

>>>>>>>> ...and in his case, that might include the
time of the trial.

>>>>>>>>>> I had to defend myself against an
ignorant offended youngster
>>>>>>>>>> cop who had no idea how to treat
someone who broke no law and
>>>>>>>>>> who is old enough to have sired him.

>>>>>>>>> So, you admit you resisted arrest?

>>>>>>>> He admitted it,

>>>>>>> I did not say I resisted arrest, because I
didn't resist arrest.

>>>>>> Thanks to your chronic inability to understand
what you read, you
>>>>>> resisted arrest - as defined by policy and statute.

>>>>> I did NOT resist arrest, you idiot.

>>>> The APD and ACSD seem to disagree with you.

>>> No, they don't.
>>> It is only one idiot cop named Giovanni and a Negro judge who have
>>> disagreed with me.

>> ...and thanks to your rampage, the rest of the APD and ACSD, as well.

>The only people who filed false charges against me are Giovanni and a negro

...which has nothing to do with your fantasy.

>Why are you trying to act as if the entire APD and ACSD are allied against

They're not exactly coming to your defense, you know.

>See how you are pissing them off at you now?
>Why are you trying to stain them?
>YOu are a threat to the people of Anderson County , SC.

You're the one who lives there and is facing two counts of assault of a
police officer, and one count for DUI.  I've been in your county once - and
that was 37 years ago.  Spot the difference.

>> (That's before you get to the state judiciary system.)

>What state judiciary?

The one that is indicting you, and will try you, of course.

>All charges brought against me are by Giovanni and an 'african-american'
>Giovanni probably wasn't born in Anderson.

That is irrelevant.  You don't have to be born in the town you serve as a
police officer.

>Your allegiance with outsiders and racists is evident.

Am I supposed to care about your insanity?

>>> The rest of the APD and ACSD are not even listed on the false
>>> warrrants.

>> They'll stand up against those who attack them, as you have already
>> confessed to doing.

>I never attacked the APD or the ACSD, you idiot.
>I defended myself against one person named Giovanni who threatened force
>with a weapon upon me and who attacked me from behind me.

...and since he's a police officer, you've confessed to that.

>Why are you such an idiot as to think that the entire APD and ACSD would
>stand trial for one idiot who attacked me without provaction in public?

They wouldn't, idiot.  YOU are going to trial.

>They have no reason to take the fall for the criminal Giovanni.
>They are going to protect their own reputations and let the little idiot
>criminal Giovanni fall.

You're a foaming at the mouth kook.

>>> Why they would want to risk their reputations for an outsider named
>>> Giovanni who attacked me in public and a Negro judge who produced
>>> false warrants against me would be enough reason to order a complete
>>> investigation into their personal and 'professional' habits.

>> Fortunately, the complete investigation will concern *your*
>> once you freak out in the courtroom.

>What habits?
>What freaking out?

You're not even close to impersonating sanity.

>I have an attorney and he knows I am not going ot forfeit any of my
>Constitutional rights whatsoever.
>My attorney has alreay entered a not guilty verdict.
>And, FYI, my attorney's  nickname in high school was "King".
>You idiots are trashed.
>You are traitors to the Kingdom.

Be sure and let him know that once you're serving your latest sentence.

>I know the judge who really matters in Anderson.
>We all went to high school together, and we don't appreciate lying,
>anti-liberty, outsider scumabgs thinking they can tell us what to do or how
>to live.

Keep wrapping that noose around your neck.

>>>>> There is nothing written that says I resisted arrest
other than the
>>>>> false charge that Giovanni levied against me.

>>>> What about video?

>>> The video doesn't show me resisting arrest at any time.

>> The court will determine that, not you.  Have fun.

>Guess what, PLH.
>Anything you may have submitted or submit is going to be automatically
>thrown out of court.

You don't decide that, crackhead.

>Anything and everything you submit can be considered irrelevant, unless it
>is testimony by me which shows my innocence.

Better pack your bags, as you're pretty likely going to be away from home
for quite some time.

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