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From: Tim McGaughy
To: All
Date: 2007-04-01 08:02:40

From: Tim McGaughy <teekem{at}>

in article 1175391943.632343.126750{at}, CE at
jlrisdon{at} wrote on 3/31/07 8:45 PM:

> On Mar 30, 11:38 pm, sparta...{at} wrote:
>> "J Young" <youngopini...{at}> wrote:
>>> The Catholic League has learned that artist Cosimo Cavallaro has
>>> invited the public to show up at midnight on April 1 to take a bite
>>> of his 6-foot tall chocolate sculpture of a crucified Jesus with his
>>> genitals exposed; it is scheduled to be shown during Holy Week,
>>> from April 1 to April 7.
>>> Catholic League president Bill Donohue commented as follows:
>> "Just imagine if a white guy is performing oral sex on
>> a statue of Martin Luther King with an erection. Do you
>> need to see it to know it's ugly?"
>> Cross-posted to alt.religion.christian.roman-catholic, because I'm
>> curious about how many Catholics feel that Bill Donohue speaks for
>> them.  He is, after all, the person our so-called "liberal
media" has
>> designated as *the* spokesman for American Catholicism.  He's the "go-
>> to" Catholic in the public eye.  How comfortable are our Catholic
>> friends with this?
> I've read enough of the transcript to get the ghist of what's going
> on.
> I agree it's offensive to ask the public to eat a chocolate statue of
> Jesus in the nude, genitals and all. It's clearly an attempt by some
> guy to gain recognition by attacking the central figure of the faith
> of millions of people during their holy week. I find it pretty
> disgusting.

And this is why I like the concept of free speech.

Cuz personally, I think it's pretty damned funny.

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