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From: Patriot Games
To: R L Measures
Date: 2007-04-01 16:50:52
Subject: Re: Catholics Will Do Everything Possible To Prevent Homosexual Civil U

From: "Patriot Games" <Crazy_Bastard{at}>

"R L Measures" <r{at}> wrote in message
> In article <FJ8Ph.223$bM1.44{at}trnddc03>, "Patriot Games"
>> Prove its impossible.
>   that's impossible.


>> >   If the story doesn't add up, do we still buy it?
>> Prove the story doesn't "add up."
>   A father humps both of his virgin daughters, impregnates both, yet
> remembers nothing ?

That's what the story says.

>> > For example, 8
>> > attorneys allegedly got fired for "poor
performance", but their
>> > previous
>> > periodical reviews indicated just the opposite.   Do we buy it ?
>> Why do losers always try to change the subject?
>   Both are stories that don't add up.

In other words you don't believe them.

Who cares?

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