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From: Patriot Games
To: Jeff North
Date: 2007-04-01 16:43:56
Subject: Re: Catholics Will Do Everything Possible To Prevent Homosexual Civil U

From: "Patriot Games" <Crazy_Bastard{at}>

"Jeff North" <jnorthau{at}> wrote in message
> On Fri, 30 Mar 2007 17:20:13 GMT, in alt.politics.homosexuality
> "Patriot Games" <Crazy_Bastard{at}>
> <hFbPh.1336$bM1.1199{at}trnddc03> wrote:
>>| "Jeff North" <jnorthau{at}> wrote in message
> [snip]
>>| >>| Read it in His Book.
>>| > A book that he didn't actually write.
>>| Apparently He likes other people to write stuff down for him.
> gawd only wrote 10 commandments which you good christians seem to
> ignore. They buybull is a waste of good trees.

Well, Moses made it down the mountain with 10.  We don't know what really
happenned up there....

Being an atheist why do you care who does and doesn't obey the Commandments
when you don't believe in them anyway?

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