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From: Patriot Games
To: Attila
Date: 2007-04-01 16:35:16
Subject: Re: Catholics Will Do Everything Possible To Prevent Homosexual Civil U

From: "Patriot Games" <Crazy_Bastard{at}>

"Attila" <<prochoice{at}> wrote in message
> On Fri, 30 Mar 2007 17:11:50 GMT, "Patriot Games"
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> <qxbPh.1295$bM1.366{at}trnddc03> wrote:
>>"Attila" <<prochoice{at}> wrote in message
>>> On Fri, 30 Mar 2007 12:42:03 GMT, "Patriot Games"
>>> <Crazy_Bastard{at}> in alt.abortion with message-id
>>> <vA7Ph.70982$vI1.30601{at}trnddc02> wrote:
>>>>"Attila" <<prochoice{at}> wrote in message
>>>>> On Thu, 29 Mar 2007 21:37:49 GMT, "Patriot Games"
>>>>> <Crazy_Bastard{at}> in alt.abortion with message-id
>>>>> <NkWOh.10147$yo3.9829{at}trnddc04> wrote:
>>>>>>>>>>> You made an assertion - it is
your burden...
>>>>>>>>>>No such burden exists.  I can say
anything I want, I can make any
>>>>>>>>>>I want.
>>>>>>>>> Of course you can.  But those who make
claims are expected to
>>>>>>>>> prove
>>>>>>>>There is no such expectation upon me, or
recognized by me.
>>>>>>> Why am I not surprised?  That of course tells
a lot about you and
>>>>>>> the
>>>>>>> validity of anything you say.
>>>>>>>>> them or be considered an unreliable
source of information.  Is
>>>>>>>>> anything you say true?  How is one to know?
>>>>>>>>All you have to do is read the Bible and
obey God's Word, God told
>>>>>>>>stop sucking dicks.
>>>>>>> Prove any god ever existed, ever said
anything, and that particular
>>>>>>> source has never been verified.
>>>>>>> You can't seem to stop thinking about one
particular subject.
>>>>>>Maybe a priest could help you break your addiction to cock
>>>>> Assuming facts not in evidence.
>>>>They say the first step in any treatment is admitting that you have a
>>>>>> and get you right
>>>>>>with God.
>>>>> Unlikely since I would refuse to hear anything said
prior to proof of
>>>>> the existence of a god being presented.
>>>>> Can you present such proof, since you just asserted a
god exists?
>>>>I can do (or not do) anything I want, with no need whatsoever of your
>>>>permission or acceptance.
>>> Correct.  However, those who make statements asserting something and
>>> then cannot or will not support those statements quickly gain a
>>> certain reputation, the nature of which is obvious.
>>And you think I care about that?
> Probably not.  It was mostly a warning to anyone who might possibly be
> inclined to believe your pronouncements.

How thoughtful of you.

>>> If you wish to be
>>> known as someone whose word cannot be trusted I have no problem with
>>> it.
>>I care what you have problems with?
> Of course not.

You catch on quick....

>>>>>>>>>>You can't do shit-all about it.
>>>>>>>>> I can simply point out the facts.
>>>>>>>>The relevant fact is that you should stop
sucking dicks because God
>>>>>>> There is that one-track mind again.
>>>>>>> Prove any god ever said anything.
>>>>>>Don't have to, don't need to.  Its all on you.
>>>>> Why?  I have asserted nothing.
>>>>I've proven to myself, for myself, everything I need to
know for myself.
>>> Fine.  But that is not sufficient reason for anyone else to believe
>>> anything you say.
>>I don't care what you believe in.
> What I believe is not the issue.  The obvious fact that no one should
> believe anything you say is the issue, however.

If you say so.

>>>>Feel free to do the same for yourself.
>>>>>>  Whatever you do the rewards
>>>>>>are for you and the punishments are on you.  I'm
not even in the
>>>>> You are evading the point again.
>>>>> Why am I not surprised?
>>>>Why are you wasting my time, again?
>>> Why not?  You waste time making statements you cannot or will not
>>> support, thereby showing you cannot be believed.
>>Perhaps you should avoid reading statements that you don't or won't
> Now that would be quite a trick - knowing the contents of a statement
> before it is read.
>>Just a hint.
> Why not come right out and say it?

I already did.

>>>>>>>>>>> or as a result of inaction
make it obvious
>>>>>>>>>>> that anything you say must be
viewed with suspicion.
>>>>>>>>>>Feel free to view anything you want
any way you want.
>>>>>>>>> I do.
>>>>>>>>>>> You owe me nothing - I am
simply pointing out the facts.
>>>>>>>>>>You're pointing out your personal
opinion, which is worth less
>>>>>>>>>>to me.
>>>>>>>>> No, it is a fact you make claims and
assertions and then cannot
>>>>>>>>> support them.
>>>>>>>>The Bible says what it says.
>>>>>>> Irrelevant.
>>>>>>> So does Hustler and Playboy.
>>>>>>>>God told you to stop riding dicks with your ass.
>>>>>>>>> How is anyone to know you are not just
making stuff up as you go
>>>>>>>>> along?
>>>>>>>>Read the Bible.
>>>>>>> Verify it first.
>>>>>>It doesn't work that way.
>>>>> Yes, it does.
>>>>I owe you nothing.  I have never owed you anything.  I will never owe
>>> True.  My comments are to the burden you assume whenever you make an
>>> assertion.
>>No such burden exists, therefore I cannot assume such a burden.
> You need assume nothing.  When someone makes a statement if they are
> to be believed they have the burden of supporting that statement.

Your opinion.

>>> Proof of that assertion establishes the validity of your
>>> comments.
>>I already know my comments are valid to me.  Your opinion of them is
>>entirely worthless to me.
> But how is anyone else to know they are valid if you will not support
> them?

They will research, read, think, etc.

> If they are just valid to you why bother stating them here?

Because I can.

>>> Failure to prove your assertions, either by evasion,
>>> refusal, or denial established something entirely different.
>>I care?
> Probably not.

Certainly not.

> You evidently don't care if anyone believes you or not.

You catch on quick.

>>> No matter what is established the result is always clear.  As it is in
>>> this case.
>>I care?
> Probably not.

Certainly not.

> You evidently don't care if anyone believes you or not.

You catch on quick.

>>>>Whatever you owe yourself is your problem, not mine.
>>>>>>>> Obey God.
>>>>>>> Prove any god exists.
>>>>>>That part is on you.
>>>>> Not if I did not make the assertion, as you did.
>>>>I owe you nothing.  I have never owed you anything.  I will never owe
>>> See above.
>>>>Whatever you owe yourself is your problem, not mine.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>If you're not
sucking dicks God is happier with you.
>>>>>>>>>>>>> Prove any god exists.
>>>>>>>>>>>>I don't owe you anything.
>>>>>>>>>>> True, but you just made
another assertion and the above scenario
>>>>>>>>>>> is
>>>>>>>>>>> in
>>>>>>>>>>> play again.
>>>>>>>>>>There is no scenario in play.  I
owe you nothing.  No such burden
>>>>>>>>>>exists.  Your problems aren't mine.
>>>>>>>>> I have no problem - I am simply point
out how you make assertions
>>>>>>>>> and
>>>>>>>>> then refuse to support them.  That
naturally leads to any reader
>>>>>>>>> wondering if anything you say is true
since you refuse to support
>>>>>>>>> your
>>>>>>>>> comment.
>>>>>>>>You have a problem with God because He told
you to stop sucking
>>>>>>>>you won't obey...
>>>>>>> Again, no response.
>>>>>>My response is simple:  You're not my problem. 
Nothing you do or
>>>>>>can affect me positively or negatively in any way
whatsoever.  Its all
>>>>>>you for you.
>>>>> Again, evasion.  As expected.
>>>>I owe you nothing.  I have never owed you anything.  I will never owe
>>> See above.
>>>>Whatever you owe yourself is your problem, not mine.
>>>>So far as I can tell the only issue here is your desire to subvert my
>>>>speech rights.
>>> You are free to say anything you like.  Just as others are free to
>>> decide whether your statements are true or not.
>>You just now figuring that out?
> No, I have been aware of it for some time.  You, on the other hand.
> appear to either not know or don't care.    Which is it?

I made that clear already.

>>>>Are you what they call an "Internet Bully?"
>>> Not at all.  I have never tried to limit your comments - I have only
>>> asked you to support them.
> I am glad you agree.
>>So by now you know that you'll get nothing from me?
> By Now?  I have received exactly what I expected from you before I
> typed the first letter in my first comment.  Constant evasions and
> your total failure to support your assertions.

I feel so terrible that you think I failed you..........

>>And by now you know that I will continue to say anything I want?
> Of course.  And I will point out the validity of what you say, and the
> reliability of your comments.

I care?

>>And there is NOTHING you can do about it, right?
> I wouldn't if I could.  This is much more productive as well as more
> fun.

6:00pm, stuck home alone on the Internet...  Fun?

Maybe you should hook-up with Dioni-whatever.  You both seem to spend
evenings alone on the Internet....

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