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From: spartakus
To: CE
Date: 2007-03-31 20:10:50

From: spartakus{at}

"CE" <jlris...{at}> wrote:
> sparta...{at} wrote:
> > "J Young" <youngopini...{at}> wrote:

> >
> > >
> > > The Catholic League has learned that artist Cosimo Cavallaro has
> > > invited the public to show up at midnight on April 1 to take a bite
> > > of his 6-foot tall chocolate sculpture of a crucified Jesus with his
> > > genitals exposed; it is scheduled to be shown during Holy Week,
> > > from April 1 to April 7.
> > >
> > > Catholic League president Bill Donohue commented as follows:

> >      "Just imagine if a white guy is performing oral sex on
> >       a statue of Martin Luther King with an erection. Do you
> >       need to see it to know it's ugly?"

> > Cross-posted to alt.religion.christian.roman-catholic, because I'm
> > curious about how many Catholics feel that Bill Donohue speaks for
> > them.  He is, after all, the person our so-called "liberal
media" has
> > designated as *the* spokesman for American Catholicism.  He's the "go-
> > to" Catholic in the public eye.  How comfortable are our Catholic
> > friends with this?

> I've read enough of the transcript to get the ghist of what's going
> on.
> I agree it's offensive to ask the public to eat a chocolate statue of
> Jesus in the nude, genitals and all. It's clearly an attempt by some
> guy to gain recognition by attacking the central figure of the faith
> of millions of people during their holy week. I find it pretty
> disgusting.

What transcript did you read?  The artist, Cosimo Cavallaro, was on
Anderson Cooper last night and he explicitly denied that he invited people
to eat his statue.  And I hate to break it to you, but attention-seeking is
something that artists have to do to survive. They don't simply create
their stuff in a garret and starve to death waiting for someone to notice.

So you're offended?  Fair enough.  There are no guarantees that art won't
offend anybody, nor should there be.  Art can be inspiring, but art can
also be upsetting.  But *why* are you offended?

Is it because this Jesus is naked?  Well, Jesus was crucified naked. That's
how the Romans rolled, CE.  Besides putting prisoners to death in
excruciating pain, the Romans publicly humiliated them as well.

Is it because Jesus' body and blood are offered as bread and wine, but this
Jesus' body is chocolate?  What sort of beverage goes well with chocolate? 
Brandy, perhaps?

Is it because this Jesus has a penis?  Whoa, excuse me - Jesus was a
*guy*, after all.  Have you ever seen the statues of David by
Michaelangelo or Donatello?  How about the Madonna and Child paintings,
like Correggio's "Madonna del Latte", where you can see the Baby
Jesus' ding-ding?  (We hit the du-fecta for upsetting imagery here, because
Mary is depicted offering her breast to the Baby Jesus.)  Did you know that
there is a holiday that commemorates Jesus' circumcision?

I think that investing some time on reflecting on your perception would be
enlightening for you.

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