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From: bob klahn
Date: 2009-08-23 18:52:00
Subject: Health Care Reform

 Just reading more about the health care reform debate, and
 considering several points. Basic prinicples as it were.

 I do not like the government requiring anyone to purchase much
 of anything from the private sector, unless the govt is
 subsidizing that purchase at least for the poor. In general I am
 reluctant to see it at all. When Michigan instituted no-fault
 car insurance it was supposed to save a lot of money. As it
 turned out there was no real savings. Once the state required
 everyone who drove to have insurance I saw the price going up.

 Now, if you drive I can see insuring the other driver from your
 mistakes, but with no-fault you are insuring yourself. I find it
 hard to accept the government requiring you to pay the private
 sector to insure yourself.

 In National Health Care the public option provided govt
 reduced cost insurance as an option, which made it acceptable to
 me. Now that the president has said he would consider a plan
 without a public option, my objection to compelling paying money
 to the private sector to meet a government demand returns.

 I would say Obama could agree to drop the public option, but he
 should make it absolutely clear that will only be done in
 conjunction with the requirement that all have insurance also be

 Further, there have been complaints about the government
 pressuring private corporations to rein in executive
 compensation. If US residents are required to have medical
 insurance, and there is no public option, then the govt can
 claim a clear justification for restricting insurance company
 spending on executive compensation, corporate aircraft, company
 cars and executive dining rooms, etc.

 There is no moral justification I can see for the government to
 require private citizens to pay private corporations for medical
 coverage without the government also holding down the cost of
 those policies, and the spending of the companies on corporate

BOB KLAHN bob.klahn{at}

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