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From: Mike Painter
To: ÚR L Measures
Date: 2007-04-01 03:36:52
Subject: Re: Roman Catholicism vs. The Bible

From: "Mike Painter" <mddotpainter{at}>

.R L Measures wrote:
>> They also brought a huge amount of church tradition as well as the
>> same bible. It wasn't until hundreds of years later they formally
>> removed some of the books.
> **  Give 'em credit for leaving worship of the Queen of the Universe
> as well as Indulgences behind.  On the other hand, the goddamned
> Prots pretty much dropped the ball when it came to burning heretics
> and witches.

Once saved, always saved is a good move but cuts down on the income stream.

They may have ignored witches but you could be a pillar of a community in
one village for your beliefs and burned at a pillar of a community one
village over.

Salem was mostly protestants and lets not forget Hester.

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