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From: Janis Kracht
To: bob klahn
Date: 2007-04-06 20:07:32
Subject: echo

Hi Bob,

>>> Well, when you suggested porting the news group from the net I
>>> said I couldn't see how it could hurt. Well, perhaps I was
>>> wrong. I see a lot of msgs in that news group, but very little
>>> anthing more than arguement bearing little resemblence to Roman
>>> Catholic thinking. One way or the other.

>> Yes, I agree with you there.. I turned off the newsgroup
>> this afternoon.. what a waste that group is..

> Thanks. Now I won't have to deselect the echo. It can go back to
> being dead.

You never know.. we've seen come come back <g>

>>> I think maybe bringing it here was a mistake. I am now getting
>>> so many msgs, with so little of interrest, I may have to
>>> deselect this echo.

>>> What is your thought on this?

>> I think we don't need it, that's for sure.

> Agreed.


take care,

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