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From: bob klahn
Date: 2007-04-02 11:40:00
Subject: Court keeps pro-life


 C> No, pro-lifers or rather, anti-abortionists are loading up
 C> for disasters if they are going to keep treating women like
 C> baby machines and thinking that everything will be just fine
 C> when the child is born.

 C> Guess what?  If that child is not wanted by the mother or
 C> the father, the child will go into the foster care unless
 C> the private adoption have been planned out prior to the
 C> child birth.  How many times must I tell you that foster
 C> care is definitely not the best where I am?

 I don't know where you are, but if you are in the US then you
 don't know much about the adoption system in this country.
 Whether a private adoption has been planned out before the birth
 is irrelevant. After the child is born an adoption can be
 arranged very easily. And the child will almost certainly be
 placed in foster care. Adoption agencies have their own foster
 care systems. Even the church agencies.

 Unless you are talking about a non-agency adoption, which is
 about the worst choice for adoption. If you don't believe it,
 look at the newspaper articles on adoptions that have problems.
 All I have ever seen are non-agency adoptions. In Michigan they
 weren't even legal last I saw.

 C> I mean that there have been cases of children being murdered
 C> by their foster parents and even their birth parents for
 C> many reasons that I can't possibly list them all because it
 C> will go on and on.

 Those are not adoption foster care in any case I know of.

 C> Use common sense; not every person wants to be a mommy or
 C> daddy.  So before you start protesting for the fetus' right,
 C> I have to ask you this rather interesting question:  knowing
 C> that you wanted the fetus to survive, do you want this child
 C> to go through a lifetime of possible abuse and all from
 C> parents who do not want that child in the first place?  Is a
 C> life time of endless pain really worth it?  What if the
 C> child is disabled?  Would the life of horrifying pain be
 C> worth it?

 The second question is completely seperate from the first. The
 child does not have to stay with parents who do not want him.

 C> That's the problem with the anti-abortionists.  The minute
 C> that the child is born, they walk away, leaving the child
 C> alone and not giving a care what happens to the child.  That

 You do not know much about the subject. Right wing republican
 anti-abortionists do that. Not all do.

 C> is a shameful behaviour because if they really do not want
 C> abortions to happen, they should become the child's adoptive
 C> parents or they can help take care of the unwanted children.

 That is why I am anti-abortion, catholic, an adoptive parent,
 and a democrat. And I defend the last on the basis of exactly
 what you demand.

 C> Anti-abortionists, whatever you like it or not, there will
 C> always be unwanted children and what are you going to do
 C> about it?  I mean think about it before you open your mouth
 C> and say that abortions kill fetuses when in reality, what
 C> happens in life would also kill them.

 Only you can do something about it. Lift the families with
 education, jobs, health care etc. We do need to change our
 society, and so does much of the rest of the world.

BOB KLAHN bob.klahn{at}

... I was young and foolish once; now I'm no longer young.
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