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From: bob klahn
Date: 2007-04-02 11:40:00
Subject: Protesters on trial o


 C> I just have an idea for a new name for the pro-lifers...
 C> here it is... anti-choicers.

 You think that's original?


 C> How's that for an idea for the anti-choicers; a woman would
 C> give birth to an unwanted child, an anti-choicer will then
 C> become the child's adoptive mother or father, and that woman
 C> who just gave birth will walk away free.  How's that for an
 C> idea?

 I know a lot of pro-lifers who would jump at that chance. You
 might be amazed how many Catholics adopt.

 However, adoption is not the answer to abortion. Education, and
 improvement in the lives of the birth family is. The ability to
 avoid pregnancy when not wanted is step one. The ability and
 resources to raise a child when pregnancy occurs is step two.
 Both are important.

 That is where our focus must be.

BOB KLAHN bob.klahn{at}

... When children are a burden instead of a blessing we are in trouble.
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