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From: Rudy Canoza
To: duke
Date: 2007-03-30 16:01:56
Subject: Re: Contraception: It's Wrong? Why??

From: "Rudy Canoza" <notgenxagain{at}>

On Mar 26, 11:41 am, duke <duckgumb...{at}> wrote:
> On Mon, 26 Mar 2007 14:55:55 GMT, Rudy Canoza
<rudy-can...{at}> wrote:
> >>> Nonsense.  Despite repeated requests you have not even
tried to prove
> >>> any god even exists.
> >> I can't prove that God exists.
> >Of course you can't.
> >> But ALL evidence demands his existence.
> >No.  That's what you keep asserting, and it's false.
> >NO evidence demands it.  The only thing that "demands"
> >it is your child-like need for a neat, tidy story.
> ALL evidence demands the existence of almighty God.

You keep saying that, puke, but it's a lie.  Some child-molesting priest
told it to you, and it's a lie.

>  There is NO evidence for his nonexistence.

No one has ever said there was, puke, because it's a logical absurdity. 
There is no evidence *for* such existence, so rational people conclude it
doesn't exist.  That's how it works, puke.

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