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From: Andy Alt
To: Johnny Bowen
Date: 2004-09-25 15:11:00
Subject: Re: Echo Rules

Hey, Johnny, if you're wondering if this is an active conference.. it's 
still alive anyway. Here's a copy of the rules, and I think it's been 
posted once since the date shown here, the 14th.

  Chris Cranford,
  In a message on 14 September, wrote :

CC> PLATINUM_XPRESS Conference Rules and Guidelines:
CC> Moderator:    Chris Cranford
CC> Software Designers:    Hector Santos, Author/Sysop - Xpress Support Center
CC>          Andrea Santos, Co-Sysop - Xpress Support Center
CC> The PLATINUM_XPRESS conference is for sysops to discuss the operation
CC> and use of the PLATINUM XPRESS Fidonet Mailing system. This conference
CC> covers topics for both the Win95/NT and DOS versions of PX. It is
CC> technical in nature but has been known to discuss other related subjects
CC> as well.
CC> To clear up any possible confusion for the purpose of this conference,
CC> the following rules are to be followed effective immediately.
CC> 1.  The topic of the PLATINUM_XPRESS conference is the use and operation
CC>     of PLATINUM XPRESS and related files/utilities. Discussions should
CC>     remain related to the subject at hand.
CC> 2.  Off-topic discussions will be kept to a minimum. Short discussions
CC>     will be allowed but when asked to be discontinued by either
CC>     MODERATOR, the off-topic discussion should be discontinued or taken
CC>     to Internet E-Mail or Fidonet Netmail.
CC> 3.  The Moderators have jurisdiction over this conference. Decisions
CC>     of either party are final and not subject to appeal.
CC> 4.  When stating a problem here, please indicate whether you are using
CC>     Platinum Xpress for Win95/NT or DOS. Also indicate the version
CC>     number of PX, and any particular hardware/software setups which
CC>     might assist us in evaluation of your trouble.  Also, if you are
CC>     running the DOS version, indicate if you are running in real or
CC>     protected mode and, particularly, any recent hardware/software
CC>     changes which have occurred.
CC> 5.  Flames are not allowed. If you wish to flame someone, please do so
CC>     using Internet E-Mail or Fidonet Netmail, but not here.
CC>     Follow the above rules and everyone in this echo will be happy campers
CC>     you decide not to follow, further action will be taken to remove you
CC>     from this echo. Below are a few more rules that we request be followed
CC> 6.  Spelling does not count.
CC> 7.  This conference is not an alias conference. Sysops should be using
CC>     their real names here.
CC> 8.  Brief discussions on the Silver Xpress Mail System are permitted
CC>     though you are *encouraged* to carry that conference if at all
CC>     possible.  Accordingly, some Silver Xpress specific features are
CC>     permitted here such as Xpress Windows, Wildcat! color coded
CC>     signatures, or a GROUP MAIL message to ALL from the Moderators,
CC>     but we ask that the usage be kept to a dull roar.
CC> 9.  Discussions concerning other Mailer systems are frowned upon. This
CC>     is a support conference for Platinum Xpress and not a general forum
CC>     for Mailer systems. The only exception to this rule is where the
CC>     discussion of another Mailer has a direct relation to its use with
CC>     any flavor of the Platinum Xpress Mailer system and only where such
CC>     discussion concerns whether or not that third party Mailer has been
CC>     known to cause problems working with PX etc. Support for other
CC>     Mailers is not provided or implied and discussion of them will be
CC>     kept to an ABSOLUTE BARE MINIMUM.  The Moderators have the right to
CC>     terminate any such discussions at any time with or without
CC>     explanation.
CC> 10. Discussions or advertisements of competitor products by their
CC>     respective authors or supporters are STRICTLY FORBIDDEN except as
CC>     denoted in Rule #9 above.  This should go without saying. Authors
CC>     violating this rule will be IMMEDIATELY BANNED from further posting
CC>     in the conference. End-user supporters of competitive products will
CC>     receive ONE WARNING, after which they will be IMMEDIATELY BANNED on
CC>     a second violation. Reinstatement will NOT BE forthcoming.
CC> Chris Cranford
CC> Fido:   1:379/1200
CC> chris{at}
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