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From: Fred Burgess
To: Tim Parsons
Date: 2003-09-10 11:47:00
Subject: RE: Echo Rules

On Aug 27, 2003 07:32am, TIM PARSONS wrote to CHRIS CRANFORD:
 TP> Hi Chris:

 TP> It was Tuesday August 26 2003. "Echo Rules," murmured you to ALL.

 CC>> 8.  Brief discussions on the Silver Xpress Mail System are permitted
 CC>>     though you are *encouraged* to carry that conference if at all
 CC>>     possible.

 TP> Is Silver Xpress still supported? Given that the echo isn't?

From what I understand, it is, but it isn't... you can still send querys to
support{at} and you might get some answers ...

... Platinum Xpress & Wildcat!..... Nice!!!!
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