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Date: 2004-02-24 19:13:28
Subject: HELP!

Hello Bobby!

In a message to All <02/24/2004> Bobby Queen wrote:

BQ> Hello All!

BQ> Okay my system crashed on Dec 15th and I finally got back online a few 
BQ> weeks ago.  Problem is my versions of Wildcat DOS and PX DOS were both 
BQ> corrupted.  I installed each from my original diskettes then added all 
BQ> the various updates that each had made including the y2k patches.  But 
BQ> when I respond to a message it says I'm responding to a message made in 
BQ> 2023 or something like that. Anyway I remember we had to go into PX setup 
BQ> and add something where it currently has "at99at" but I
don't remember 
BQ> what it was.  Hopefully someone running the Dos version of PX can go into 
BQ> their setup and find out for me. Thanks in advance.  The at99at is 
BQ> instead of the shift 2 symbol which turns on color codes in Wildcat and 
BQ> PX. :)

Well as you can see I figured out how to make it work by changing the 99 to
04.  Guess I'll have to change it yearly if someone doesn't know of a better
way to do it. :)

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