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From: Ken Weitzel
To: Jacques Shake
Date: 2004-06-26 00:05:00
Subject: Nodediff processing

  >I'm sure I won't get any responses but I thought I'd try it anyway; for some
  >reason, my nodediff isn't unarciving properly so it never gets compiled.  I
  >have to do it all manually.  I've looked over the settings and can't seem to
  >figure out what I'm doing wrong.  If anyone has any pointers they would like
  >to share, I'd appreciate it.
  >The nodediffs are arriving as .a77 files.

I bet you get at least one response.  I win!!!

You already know the answer; you taught me. If
you can recall when I went from ViaMail to PXW
I had the same problem; we discussed it in
either netmail or email, and you came up with
the answer.  Unfortunately my ever shortening
memory can't recall what it was.

However, if your netmail and or email goes
back far enough it's in there...

Surprised, though.  I'm *sure* that when I
fed you we were dealing with .z?? files?
If they really are .a's do you have unarc
handy for pxw to find?


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