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Date: 2004-11-23 02:45:08
Subject: Echo Rules

PLATINUM_XPRESS Conference Rules and Guidelines:

Moderator:    Chris Cranford

Software Designers:    Hector Santos, Author/Sysop - Xpress Support Center
         Andrea Santos, Co-Sysop - Xpress Support Center

The PLATINUM_XPRESS conference is for sysops to discuss the operation
and use of the PLATINUM XPRESS Fidonet Mailing system. This conference
covers topics for both the Win95/NT and DOS versions of PX. It is
technical in nature but has been known to discuss other related subjects
as well.

To clear up any possible confusion for the purpose of this conference,
the following rules are to be followed effective immediately.

1.  The topic of the PLATINUM_XPRESS conference is the use and operation
    of PLATINUM XPRESS and related files/utilities. Discussions should
    remain related to the subject at hand.

2.  Off-topic discussions will be kept to a minimum. Short discussions
    will be allowed but when asked to be discontinued by either
    MODERATOR, the off-topic discussion should be discontinued or taken
    to Internet E-Mail or Fidonet Netmail.

3.  The Moderators have jurisdiction over this conference. Decisions
    of either party are final and not subject to appeal.

4.  When stating a problem here, please indicate whether you are using
    Platinum Xpress for Win95/NT or DOS. Also indicate the version
    number of PX, and any particular hardware/software setups which
    might assist us in evaluation of your trouble.  Also, if you are
    running the DOS version, indicate if you are running in real or
    protected mode and, particularly, any recent hardware/software
    changes which have occurred.

5.  Flames are not allowed. If you wish to flame someone, please do so
    using Internet E-Mail or Fidonet Netmail, but not here.

    Follow the above rules and everyone in this echo will be happy campers.
    you decide not to follow, further action will be taken to remove you
    from this echo. Below are a few more rules that we request be followed.

6.  Spelling does not count.

7.  This conference is not an alias conference. Sysops should be using
    their real names here.

8.  Brief discussions on the Silver Xpress Mail System are permitted
    though you are *encouraged* to carry that conference if at all
    possible.  Accordingly, some Silver Xpress specific features are
    permitted here such as Xpress Windows, Wildcat! color coded
    signatures, or a GROUP MAIL message to ALL from the Moderators,
    but we ask that the usage be kept to a dull roar.

9.  Discussions concerning other Mailer systems are frowned upon. This
    is a support conference for Platinum Xpress and not a general forum
    for Mailer systems. The only exception to this rule is where the
    discussion of another Mailer has a direct relation to its use with
    any flavor of the Platinum Xpress Mailer system and only where such
    discussion concerns whether or not that third party Mailer has been
    known to cause problems working with PX etc. Support for other
    Mailers is not provided or implied and discussion of them will be
    kept to an ABSOLUTE BARE MINIMUM.  The Moderators have the right to
    terminate any such discussions at any time with or without

10. Discussions or advertisements of competitor products by their
    respective authors or supporters are STRICTLY FORBIDDEN except as
    denoted in Rule #9 above.  This should go without saying. Authors
    violating this rule will be IMMEDIATELY BANNED from further posting
    in the conference. End-user supporters of competitive products will
    receive ONE WARNING, after which they will be IMMEDIATELY BANNED on
    a second violation. Reinstatement will NOT BE forthcoming.

Chris Cranford
Fido:   1:379/1200

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