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From: Fred Burgess
To: Robert Todd
Date: 2003-03-25 09:03:00
Subject: RE:having problems with PW being sent

On Mar 24, 2003 08:48am, ROBERT TODD wrote to FRED BURGESS:

->>I seem to be having a problem with PX sending out the password ... thing
->>it is only to ONE (1) system.
->>It is a FD system, and he says that I'm not sending PW.  I connect to FD,
->>Binkley, PX 2.x and 3.x versions every day and have no problems connecting
->>with them, but am with this guy.
->>My logs indicate that I am expecting PW, but he (the other system) is not
->>giving it.
->>What does this sound like to you guys??

 RT> Sounds like a configuration error on his end to me.  But then again,
 RT> that's just my opinion.

It just that every other system I call, I have no problems.  It's just this
one.  Tis a shame that the RC doesn't understand this :)

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