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Date: 2004-07-27 11:00:28
Subject: Re: Question?

Hello Ben!

In a message to Bobby Queen <07/27/04> Ben Ritchey wrote:

BR> * An ongoing debate between Bobby Queen and All rages on ...

BQ: >> Is there not anyone out there using PX DOS that can help me with
BQ: >> making the batch files to create packets that go out to your feed?  My

BR> <shrug> I only use PxEcho (with Intermail) if you want to know how I
BR> handle things here, I can share <g>. Since Px does NOT create the
BR> netmail attaches I have to move things around manually ... though each
BR> archived packet does have a unique name per node.

It may have been Pxecho that I used but without the batch files its hard to
remember and my wife seems to have lost my manual. :)  I know I used to
write down the packet names that goes to my various feeds and then wrote a
short one or two line batch file to pack any outbound Netmail for those
feeds and to mark them as sent.

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