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From: Gregory J. Deyss
Date: 2006-11-06 07:29:20
Subject: Help

It was a while ago since you were having these problems, are you still
having these problems.
If you are still having these problems, maybe we can help each other.
Currently I am running frontfoor, fmail and binkd, but I also have platinum
xpress for wins, as well as wins, I am going to bring it back online, I
would perfer to use wildcat 4.20 (dos), as I am much more acustom to it
than I am with with Wins, but wildcat 4.20 will no longer function
err at least not on my current meachine, it should still work on a slower
one, but what I need help with is also with wins, the message menu (for a
level of access that I have setup will not show the menu) it also shows the
standard yellow expert message menu.  All of the other menus for all other
levels of access display fine.

I would like to also use binkd, pxw and wins, because using pxonline seems
to be out of the question, I have heard it is painfully slow.

- Greg

 TB> Hello all

 TB> I could Use a Little Help Here if someone Out there
 TB> wouldn't mind helping me
 TB> out, here is what I am Running.

 TB> Wildcat Win Server 5.5.

 TB> Platinum Xpress 2.0 soon to be 3.0 as soon as I get time
 TB> to upgrade it I have
 TB> the files and code to do it Just haven't yet.

 TB> Internet Rex (BinkP).

 TB> well here are my Probs first off how do I add doors, I
 TB> add a door and all it
 TB> does is loads another Screen (Window) asks me for a name
 TB> and the users can not
 TB> see what is going on that is the First prob. here is my
 TB> Sec prob Irex will not
 TB> see the PKTs that are waiting in PWX outbound Y? oh ya
 TB> and even tho I have the
 TB> page sysop on it says that it is Unavaible, and when I go
 TB> to user editor in
 TB> the sysop menu all it says is I am missing a file not
 TB> sure Y. so can anyone
 TB> help me with these probs or at least one of them any help
 TB> would be very
 TB> greatful thanks.

 TB> Sincerly
 TB> Tj Barlow

 TB> ... Platinum Xpress & Wildcat!..... Nice!!!!

 TB> ... Platinum Xpress & Wildcat!..... Nice!!!!
 TB> --- Platinum Xpress/Win/WINServer v3.0pr4
 TB>  * Origin: Colorado Springs Central Net 2 (1:2905/0)
--- FMail/Win32 1.60
 * Origin: Capital Station BBS Troy, NY  Telnet:// (1:267/150)
SEEN-BY: 633/267 270
@PATH: 267/150 275/311 106/1 396/45 379/1 633/267

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