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From: Ken Weitzel
To: Jacques Shake
Date: 2004-06-26 23:03:00
Subject: RE: Nodediff processing

I ran my pxw looking for hints...  saw the options but
couldn't try any for lack of a nodelist and a .a

Do me a favor; attach the current nodelist to this
message for me, and then when the next diff arrives
send me a copy of that attached to another message...

I'll see if I can't find a way to duplicate your
problem with them.


  >I should have known you'd be here. :)  I thought I had it set up correctly
  >until I went snooping and realized I hadn't compiled any nodediffs for quite
  >few months.  I don't know when I started receiving arc'ed nodediffs but that
  >could be when it stopped compiling.  I went in and made some changes to the
  >archive commands for PXW but it doesn't seem to have helped.  I'm not smart
  >enough to figure out if that's my problem or if the compiler can't find the
  >nodediff.  Right now to process it manually, I just go in and type the comma
  >arc -e nodediff.a77 then the compiler finds the nodediff and processes it.  
  >could be that my archive set up is wrong...  I just don't know.

JS>On Jun 26, 2004 12:05am, KEN WEITZEL wrote to JACQUES SHAKE:

JS>  >>I'm sure I won't get any responses but I thought I'd try it
anyway; for
  >  >>Isome
  >  >>reason, my nodediff isn't unarciving properly so it never
gets compiled.
  >  >>r I
  >  >>have to do it all manually.  I've looked over the settings and can't
  >  >>hseem to
  >  >>figure out what I'm doing wrong.  If anyone has any
pointers they would
  >  >>flike
  >  >>to share, I'd appreciate it.
  >  >>The nodediffs are arriving as .a77 files.
  >  >>Jack

JS> KW> I bet you get at least one response.  I win!!!

JS> KW> You already know the answer; you taught me. If
  > KW> you can recall when I went from ViaMail to PXW
  > KW> I had the same problem; we discussed it in
  > KW> either netmail or email, and you came up with
  > KW> the answer.  Unfortunately my ever shortening
  > KW> memory can't recall what it was.

JS> KW> However, if your netmail and or email goes
  > KW> back far enough it's in there...

JS> KW> Surprised, though.  I'm *sure* that when I
  > KW> fed you we were dealing with .z?? files?
  > KW> If they really are .a's do you have unarc
  > KW> handy for pxw to find?

JS> KW> Ken

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