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From: Tommi Koivula
To: Robert Wolfe
Date: 2017-06-05 10:20:50
Subject: Concord/2 Checking In! :)

Hello Robert!

04 Jun 17 09:43, you wrote to me:

 RW> *** Quoting Tommi Koivula from a message to Robert Wolfe ***

 TK>>> I have a beta key which does not expire.

 TK>>> But the author can be reached.. I could ask him if he still can
 TK>>> create keys.

 RW>> That would be great!  Thanks!  Does it support JAM type message
 RW>> bases?

 TK>> Concord supports .MSG, JAM, Squish and multi-Hudson.

 TK>> 'Tommi

 RW> Hmm, ok, could you 1) point me in the direction of downloading the
 RW> latest ¨version and 2) see if the author can still create keys?

1. All the public versions can be downloaded from my bbs. Perhaps the old
magic 'CONCORD' works. Let's see. ;)

2. Just got an answer from Pasi. He's out for two weeks but he thinks that
he has all the sources and binaries somewhere. :)


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