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From: John Logothetis
To: All
Date: 1994-09-15 18:48:06
Subject: Gareth Powell

Speaking of G.P, the following posts might be of interest here

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  Subj: NEWSFLASH!!!!!!! Part 1
From: skeeve{at} (Skeeve Stevens)
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From Computer Daily News fax (02) 958 3847phone (02) 958 0210

Australian computer journalist Gareth Powell is still spinning from
the treatement he received last week onthe ABC's Media Watch. The show accused
Powell of plagiarism.

MediaWatch presenter Stuart Littlemore likened Powell to the UK TV character
Arthur Daley, a conman who is into many a scam. Littlemore claimed that, like
Daley, Powell as a lickup "crammed with a miscellany of articles that fell of
the back of a lorry. The intellecltual property pillage squad, if they got
started, would take weeks to write out the charge sheets." (CDN undertands this
is not true. The Sydney Morning Herald has rights to material from many USA
newspapers including the Washington Post, so breach of copyright issues
should not arise --- though it is certainly usual to
atribute reprinted material).

MediaWatch showed examples of text claimed to have been published under
Powell's byline, yet allegedly copied from various writers in the Washington
Post. He also quoted from a Sydney Morning Herald computer question-and-answer
column apart from names and addresses changed to chose of fictional Australian

Next: Powell replies.


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