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From: Bob Lawrence
To: Paul Edwards
Date: 1997-06-06 16:22:00
Subject: National anthem

 PE> It is racist, to not wish to have immigrants from those
 PE> countries? In the same way, is it racist to allow New
 PE> Zealanders open slather? Is it racist to choose who we let into
 PE> our country? We're not talking about treating different people
 PE> IN our country differently, we're talking about allowing
 PE> foreigners in. 

  Yes, it is racist to discriminate against *individuals* because they
fit into a racial group. It is a bad thing to stop a Chink entering
Australia merely because he is a Chink or a Jew. We should stop him
because he is an arsewipe, himself. What we need is an arsewipe test.
This would get rid of all pommies and fucking New Zealanders. And me.
I was born here so you're stuck with me. And fucking Abos. 

  But this is no reason to import more arsewipes. What we need is
nice stupid Chinese who will work cheap.

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