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From: Bob Lawrence
To: Niels Petersen
Date: 1997-06-06 16:14:56
Subject: Blood Pressure

To: Niels Petersen

 > You MUST keep your cardiovascular system in good condition,
 > otherwise I fear you won't be around too much longer... :(

 NP> I appreciate, and am touched by your concern, but I have known
 NP> for 4 years that I am on a downward slide and there aint much I
 NP> can do about it, except enjoy each day as it comes.

  The technology keeps improving, Niels, and drugs improve all the
time. I had the same heart attack that killed my father, but in the
same 5 days it took us to put him in the ground, I was out and about,
cured. You're smart to see another cardiologist.

  I read your bit about beta blockers. I'm on them. They can cause
arrythmnia, and it sounds like you had it, but there are two other
types of BP pills now, plus the nitrates that open arteries.

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