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From: Bob Lawrence
To: Niels Petersen
Date: 1997-06-06 16:08:52
Subject: Blood Pressure

To: Niels Petersen

 NP> Been keeping track on an hourly basis today and I started at
 NP> 164/100 and dropped to 150/91 by midday and have stayed on the
 NP> 150 since with the Dias dropping to 88 by 9pm

 NP> My normal GP sees nothing wrong with my blood pressure and
 NP> simply blames my machine as being faulty.

  Take the machine with you. They can be in error on both readings
independently, as the method of sensing is different. My Korean wonder
reads systolic pretty right and is 5 low on diasystolic, but every
now and again it goes mad and I have to take the batteries out to
reset it. I plot the readings on computer using M$ GRAPH, and you can
see how the doctor's readings compare.

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