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From: Bob Lawrence
To: Michael Raiteri
Date: 1997-06-06 15:33:48
Subject: Blood Pressure

 MR> My doctor always reckons that it goes up after exercise. does
 MR> with me anyway. If I get in my wheelie and push around the
 MR> house for half an hour my BP is guaranteed to go up.

 BG> I'm no doctor, so take any advice herein with the proverbial
 BG> grain of salt, but exercise should open the vascular system,
 BG> resulting in a decrease in BP. 

Hi Michael,
            BP goes up *during* exercise (mostly systolic), something
like this:

  Before exercise         130/80
  During exercise         170/80    (30 minutes fast walk)
  2 minutes after         150/80
  30 minutes after        130/75
  1 hour after            110/70
  2 hours after           120/65
  4 hours                 125/75

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