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From: Bob Lawrence
To: Keith Richardson
Date: 1997-06-06 15:19:40
Subject: National anthem

To: Keith Richardson

 DD> I've been here 17 years. I've evolved a little in that time.
 DD> Can I claim land rights?

 KR> yep, you can claim 17/40000 of what they can claim.

 BL> In that case, using your reasoning, I can claim 150/35 of what
 BL> you claim. You owe me four cliffs and a 9Gb hard drive.

 KR> shit i knew that you were an old fart, but i didn't know that
 KR> you were 150 years old. 

  My genes have been here since 1830. I was just using your method of
calculation where genes deterimine entitlement and not people. It *is*
rather stupid... isn't it?

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