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From: Bob Lawrence
To: Keith Richardson
Date: 1997-06-06 15:17:36
Subject: National anthem

 BL> It was the 70s' again, but this time the scruffy wankers
 BL> yelling abuse at the solid citizens! ROFL! I love Planet
 BL> Splong!

 KR> scruffy wankers on one side and a bunch of old farts without a
 KR> brain between them on the other, the other 99% of the
 KR> population dont give a fuck. 

  Last count, she had 20% support. Lot's of old farts like you and me,

 KR> i do see that pauline has started pulling back, she probably is
 KR> a cunning little bitch, having got everybodies attention, now
 KR> she slides toward the middle slowly enough not to dislodge the
 KR> old farts supporting her now, and to seem newly moderate to
 KR> pick up the middle.

  It's called a politician. She's got Tony Abbott's old guru advising
her now. Whatever you think of her, you have to admit she's doing
rather well for her first year in politics.

 KR> i wonder who is pulling her strings now? 

  Your sexism is showing, I fear. Pauline hires her puppet masters as
required. Brains are cheap, as you know, working for someone else as
you do... 

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