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From: Bob Lawrence
To: Keith Richardson
Date: 1997-06-06 15:13:32
Subject: Delphi ReadLn

To: Keith Richardson

 BL> It's obvious that you don't see what the problem is. Try
 BL> loading a 30K message one line at a time and then you will
 BL> see... like I did.

 KR> where are you getting 30k messages from?, my entire packet isnt
 KR> much bigger than that usually. 

  This... from the utter bastard who sent me a 50K message last week!

 BL> I don't need any help writing poorly-thought-out, half-arsed
 BL> programs. I can write them like that myself.

 KR> yep, i noticed that (:


 BL> ... HINT: it ain't line-by-line 

 KR> hint, i wrote winpoint 2 years ago, that dont work line by
 KR> line.

  Then why the FUCK do you revert, and contradict what I said?

___ Blue Wave/QWK v2.12

 * Origin: Precision Nonsense, Sydney (3:711/934.12)
SEEN-BY: 711/934 712/610
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