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From: Bob Lawrence
To: Keith Richardson
Date: 1997-06-06 15:11:28
Subject: Blood Pressure

To: Keith Richardson

 KR> i think that they follow the principles my landlady back in the
 KR> sixties used. she used to cook tasteless mush, and then added
 KR> enough spices to lift the roof of your mouth. its the same as
 KR> asian fast food with 25% monosodium glutinate added, the actual
 KR> taste doesn't matter. 

  (grin) The funny part is now I've cut salt to nearly zero, I can
*taste* it!
 KR> for me, the worst things are breakfast cereals, the only one
 KR> that i can eat, is rice bubbles, the rest send my blood glucose
 KR> off scale.

  I'm reduced to eating porridge, like Oliver Bloody Twist.

 KR> i have also found that pizza does the same, i dont know whether
 KR> they add sugar to it (this is real pizza not pizza hut shit). 

  God knows what they put in these things. It's actually hard to find
something "natural" that's tasty. Onions aren't bad. I'll have to
start a herb garden...

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