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From: Bob Lawrence
To: Paul Edwards
Date: 1997-06-06 15:06:20
Subject: What's up DOC.

To: Paul Edwards

 PE>> No. Even if I wasn't cutting over on Friday, I don't go to
 PE>> these social gatherings anymore anyway.

 BL> Your loss...

 PE> We obviously have different values. Time spent not smoking is a
 PE> hell of a lot better value for me than smoking. BFN. Paul. 

  I don't believe the crap about secondary smoking. I find it
impossible to believe that cigarette smoke is the one substance that
is lethal in trace quantities, and a hundred times worse after being
filtered through lungs. I find it easier to believe that well-meaning
fanatics faked their results to make it seem so. If cigarette smoke
really *is* that dangerous in trace quantities, then the human race
is in a lot of trouble with smoke and gas in general.

  I gave up smoking 15 years again, but I have no qualms about
breathing other people's cigarette smoke. If I lived or worked amidst
smokers and breathed it all the time I might worry, but certainly not
casually. It's ridiculous... but believe what you will. Everyone does.

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