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From: Brenton Vettoretti
To: Bob Lawrence
Date: 1994-09-15 15:25:16
Subject: Stuffed Videos

BV> Oh, expect the Aiwa to arrive today ( Tuesday ) <g>
BL>  I fixed the fucking thing, and sacrificed the power amplifier as a
BL> burnt offering to Ba'al.

Oh Shit, not the Aiwa RX-20 I hope <gulp>. That was the only bloody
thing in the place that was still working properly. You bastard!

BL>  I did much better than that. I've got seven left over, and a length
BL> of black wire with solder tags on either end, but I've lost a knob off
BL> something or other... come to think of it, I've probably lost the
BL> something or other too.

I think that is part of your dick Bob :)

BL> Putting the plugs back in was exciting. there were three 4-pins
BL> sockets, so I said, "fuck it!" and took a punt. What's the odds on
BL> getting three plugs at random in the right holes. 6/1 is it?
BL> I got the three 4-pin plugs right! But there were two 8-pin I didn't
BL> notice, but it turned out alright because I could smell the power
BL> regulator burning. I swapped them around and it stopped, but the
BL> motors started, so I suppose what come around goes around and around.
BL> The LEDs light up and everything.

What LEDs ? The tape-deck doesn't have any LEDs !

BL> The deck is a disaster area.  The little plastic thingie that tells
BL> you if the cassette is write protected was broken, so I stuck it up
BL> with a bit of sticky tape... and now the bloody silly thing thinks
BL> nothing is write protected. Bugger it, I say. But if you get nervous
BL> about losing your collection of Gregorian Chants and Zen Budhist
BL> Oooms, then you can remove the sticky tape. Clever, eh? It's a totally
BL> automatic detection system. If you take the tape off, it automatically
BL> won't record. Just change the tape every 1,000 km.

No problem. JFTR, the record protect switch was working fine before
you got your hands on it. In fact the deck itself was working fine
until it "locked" up. I will admit that it locked-up when I took it
apart trying to fix the lock-up problem with the secondary deck.
Although, in all honesty, I didn't do anything to the primary deck.
I took one look at it and saw that it was designed by someone who
had been on acid for a week. I knew well enough to leave it alone.
I can assure you that I didn't do anything to it. My guess is that
the jamming problem which occurred when I pulled it apart, was
related to the missing cir-clip and the play which was subsequently
in the mechanism. Stuffed if I know where all these other problems
are coming from though. As mentioned above, I knew that I wasn't
going to be able to work out what was wrong with the primary deck so
I closed the box and tried to find out how much a new mechanism was.
It was at this point things that things started to turn ugly.

BL> That same clumsy bastard with the 20-pound hammer stuffed a little
BL> do-hickey inside, but I poked around until it worked again. It will
BL> never be the same again without the circlip, but it can't fall off
BL> because there is nothing to stop it. You are going to have to change
BL> your attitude to mechanical devices, Brenton. More faith is needed,
BL> and a smaller hammer.

IT WASN'T MY HAMMER BOB. I wish it was though <aarrgghhh>

BL> I'm not silly enough to turn it on. I'll leave that up to you. I've
BL> got enough trouble with leaves falling off the tree outside.
BL> I've already taken 8 bags to the dump, and I reckon there's another
BL> 8 outside lying on the ground, unbagged.
BL>  I'm hoping for a strong westerly to blow them to New Zealand.

Perhaps I could deliver them to the Aiwa service centre for you :)

BL> Well, I was silly enough to turn the bloody thing on and I've got
BL> good news and bad news. The bad news is that it doesn't work. The good
BL> news is that I don't give a stuff.

What ? I thought you were on a winner :(

BL> The right-hand deck works pretty well if you don't mind mangling the
BL> tape a bit. The take-up spool seems to forget what it's supposed to be
BL> doing, and the tape comes out and falls on the floor. It would be
BL> alright if you only wanted to play a tape once, and put a bucket under
BL> it to catch the tape.

Hmmm...The right hand deck was only used once or twice and the
primary deck wasn't used much either. Take a look at the heads and
capstans and you'll see what I mean. They should look like new,
because it really has had such little use. Primary deck, probably less
than 40 hours and the secondary deck, probably less than 10 hours.
Shit, I really should flog the crap out of stuff when I buy it.
I've really only used the turntable and tuner/amp in the bloody thing.

BL> This doesn't happen in the left-hand deck, because that one just
BL> goes clack, clack, clack! This is a particularly businesslike deck. It
BL> really seems to know what it's doing, but it's schizophrenic. You put
BL> the cassette in, and it winds up to bring the heads and things up to
BL> the tape, but then it does it again, and again. Do you have any Prozac?
BL> I think the deck needs something to steady its nerves. I know *I* do.

Are you sure you bent everything the right way ?

BL> I am going to have to pull this bloody thing apart again. I am
BL> becoming a real Ace at pulling an Aiwa FX-W20 deck apart. I could
BL> probably set an Australasian  record for pulling an FX-W20 apart. My
BL> guess is that another do-hickey inside is bent, or one of those bloody
BL> little leaf-switches isn't. I've already bent several of those back
BL> into place. I'm amazed the bloody thing ever worked. Did it?

Yes it did, although as stated, I didn't use it that often. I've
only recently got ahold of some real Zen Buddhist meditation tapes
that I'd like to listen to in the privacy of my secluded study :)
Hence, the desire to get the bloody thing working. Besides, I'm
losing a fortune without my high-speed pirate dubbing machine.

BL> It's dark now and the leaves are probably still falling off the
BL> bloody tree, but I can't see them in the dark. THE CREEPY LITTLE
BL> I really need a wind to blow them into someone else's backyard. I'll
BL> have to close now. I've got to go outside and throw a million leaves
BL> over a fence.

I could bring Michael and Aurelia over. They would fix your problem
in no-time. Give'em 5 minutes and the leaves would be spread all
over Concord :)

Cheers, Brenton

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