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From: John Tserkezis
To: Paul Edwards
Date: 1997-06-06 01:32:14
Subject: The Wog is Wired

  -=> Quoting Paul Edwards to John Tserkezis <=-

Hello Paul,

 PE>> My electricity bill is something like $200/qtr, the optus stuff is about
 PE>> $120/qtr.
 JT> I fail to see the significance of that statement, unless you mean your TV 
 JT> and audio system alone takes $200/qtr worth of electricity.  Your audio
 JT> amp must dim the lights when you turn it on.  Don't tell me, the
 JT> electricity people call you up during peak usage periods and ask "Excuse
 JT> me Mr Edwards, would you mind turning your audio system off for the next
 JT> 8.3 hours?  We need the extra power"

 PE> The significance is - why go to all this effort to save on the Cable
 PE> TV bill, when you've put up with the electricity bill without doing
 PE> anything about it, for donkey's years?  BFN.  Paul. 

 It is the prestige of the thing.  "I have FREE cable, I have FREE this, I have
FREE that..."
 Free electricity doesn't have the appeal of free cable tv.  What does free
electriciy give you, compared with what does free cable tv give you...

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