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From: Patrick Vittori
To: Kay Shapero
Date: 2003-08-17 23:09:28
Subject: Did you know....

Afternoon Kay,

 Did you know that cats will tell you what they *believe* you should
know? Especially to questions like:

Cat qwner: "Hey, who chewed on the chicken?

Cat: "Mi Mee Moh." <I don't know. :>

 Along that thought line I have this to post to you. Sometimes
my thoughts get saved to files and this is one of them.

I climb down deep into my bed,
 a kitty purring beside my head.
A chirping call comes from my right,
 as I reach over and quench the light.

As I lay me down to rest,
 in my house, a kitty nest.
I say "Leave the bird alone
 throughout the night."
My cat looks at me and says

Then I wake up in a fright,
 a horrid sound doth rend the night.
The crash, the thud,
 feathers on the floor!
My poor little birdie
 is no more....

                      (ca. 2002)

 As I said, Cats LIE to you. <BWG>

Pat & =^..^=

... Cats have 5 senses. NONE of them are listed as 'common'.

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