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From: Bo Simonsen
To: Gerrit Kuehn
Date: 2004-06-11 23:08:48
Subject: Fidonet software in Java

Gerrit Kuehn wrote to Bo Simonsen about ''Fidonet software in Java'':

 BS>> Did nobody write some fidonet software in Java, it seems to me like 
 BS>> all software is written in C or Pascal with some ASM.

 GK> Most FTN software is old and started in times when Java wasn't even
 GK> invented or at least wasn't that popular.
 GK> However, there is Jesper S”rensen and his Gleipner project... 

Yes, it's just a Editor right?

On my Fido sql project which I haven't forgotten yet, but it's just
ideling, I just need a message editor, and I don't want to write one from
strach, because I'm not good at ncurses nor gtk, but I can write in it, but
I'm not good.

And anyhow I don't like programming that stuff.. 

BTW Is the source public for that?


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