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From: Bo Simonsen
To: Gerrit Kuehn
Date: 2004-06-28 18:25:10
Subject: Fidonet software in Java

Hello Gerrit!

Monday June 21 2004 20:32, you wrote to me:

 GK> Hello Bo!

Tag Gerrit,

 BS>>>> Yes, it's just a Editor right?

 GK>>> Well, an editor running on a database that is holding the mails
 GK>>> afaicr.

 BS>> Wow! Just what I need! :)

 GK> BTW: Do you read future4fido.ger? There's talking about developing a
 GK> new Web-Interface and a new (probably sql-based) message base going
 GK> on.

I've already been doing that.. Damn why is noone reading LINUX_BBS...
(The messagebase).

I'll try subscribing that AREA.. Let's hope my german isn't that Rusty. :)

 GK>>> There are several editors around. Maybe you can use or extend
 GK>>> Emacs/Gnus?

 BS>> That would be a good idea.. But it'snt it written in lisp or such
 BS>> language?

 GK> Yes, Lisp... that's one reason why I havn't done anything into this
 GK> direction so far. :)

I'll stay with C, I guess. :)

 GK>>> Gleipner? Well, I think Jesper wanted to make it OS when it's
 GK>>> ready. Maybe it's ask-ware? :-)

 BS>> He's my hub's hub, so I've seen some messages from him where he's
 BS>> using gleipner. Maybe I should send him a netmail ..

 GK> Just do it.

Ok, i'll. :)


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