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From: Janis Kracht
To: Gerrit Kuehn
Date: 2003-11-06 07:00:26
Subject: ping

Hi Gerrit!

>> bug #24796, btw <g>  "Can't print in linux under gtk"

> Ok, that explains a lot. :-)
> I'm still wondering why I didn't find this information when googling for it.
> However, I couldn't access the lists at, because I don't have an
> account there; maybe I should get one?
> Anyway, thanks for the information.

No problem <smile>

>> If you've got Motif installed you might be able to print if you

>Well, I'm using Gentoo-Linux and just installed the version portage offered me
>don't know if it's Motif or GTK. GTK probably, but I'll have to look after tha
> to be sure.

Same here (Gentoo, etc.).. :)

Take care,

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