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From: Pdn Hq
To: All
Date: 2003-04-20 01:16:10
Subject: New PDN Files

Today, Prism bbs received the following files:

Area: PDNJAVA        JAVA Programming Files             Origin: 1:261/38
 File: (857kB)
 Desc: The Volcano Languages group at University of Illinois at
       Urbana-Champaign has released version 0.8 of Jumbo.  Jumbo is a
       compiler for Java extended with run-time code generation syntax. New
       in this release (and the little-announced 0.7 release): * Jumbo can
       now compile itself. * Partial support for inner classes. * Significant
       speed increase due to removal  of extra Class.forName() calls. *
       Hygienic variables now available.

 File: (1358kB)
 Desc: JFtp is a muti-threadedgraphical FTP client written in Java. It
       supports all the basic FTP operations, and has some improved features
       such as recursive directory up/download, a swing UI, automatically
       resume downloads, and recognize broken directory names. The API is
       separated from the GUI and can also be used in third-party
       applications or in a command-line mode. The clients lets you browse
       the server while transferring files in both directions. JFtp can also
       be started in a Web browser via Java Web Start, supports the SMB
       (Windows file share) protocol, and can act as a file manager. JFtp is
       GPL and completely free. Developement is continuing and feedback is

 File: (2444kB)
 Desc: 1st Javascript Library(Coocool) is a shareware program that allows web
       developers the ability to easily add advanced java script and DHTML
       code to their web pages. Coocool also allows web developers to easily
       add java applets to their web pages.Coocool Stupid Web Tricks Tool
       Features include: Preview effect clip one by one Use
"Preview" button
       from main window, you can enjoy all kind of effect clip before use it
       in you homepage. Script wizard let your customize easily and
       quicklyJust select a effect clip and click "Wizard"
button. The wizard
       will let you customize many parameter as easy as '1-2-3' or use the
       instant preview to review the script - it means that even the total
       beginner can create great effect in minutes.

 File: (341kB)
 Desc: JMP - Java Memory Profiler - version 0.29 JMP is a java profiler that
       can show memory usage and method times. It uses a gtk/2.x user
       interface, but may be compiled and run without any user interface.
       Fixed a problem with heap dump, arrays were not correctly counted.
       Fixed a crash bug in method_exit handler. Updated and added the
       JMPController, a java class to control jmp from java code.

These files brought to you by the IFDC FileGate Project (service mark)
File requests welcome at 1:261/38 (1-607-655-5652)        V.Everything             janis{at}

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