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From: Pdn Hq
To: All
Date: 2004-07-15 01:44:06
Subject: New PDN files

Today, Prism bbs received the following files:

Area: PDNJAVA        JAVA Programming Files             Origin: 1:261/38
 File: (45kB), Area: PDNJAVA
 Desc: NunniFSMGen is a tool that starting from a transition table generates
       the corresponding FSM (Finite State Machine) in Java, C or C++ source
       code. It has been developped in 2003 at NunniSoft for generating the
       FSMs of our own software and successfully used (here at NunniSoft)
       since it's first internal release (in June 2003).NunniFSMGen cleanly
       separates logic from implementation by using a modified version of the
       state pattern, thus easing the development process!

 File: (3322kB), Area: PDNJAVA
 Desc: JIU - Java Imaging Utilities v0.12.0 JIU, the Java Imaging Utilities,
       is a library which offers functionality to load, analyze, process and
       save pixel images. It is written in the Java programming language and
       comes with full source code under the GNU General Public License (GPL)
       version 2. JIU requires Java 1.1 or higher.

These files brought to you by the IFDC FileGate Project (service mark)
File requests welcome at 1:261/38 (1-607-655-5652)        V.Everything                 janis{at}

--- BBBS/LiI v4.01 Flag-5
 * Origin: Prism bbs (1:261/38)
SEEN-BY: 633/267 270
@PATH: 261/38 123/500 106/2000 633/267

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