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From: Gerrit Kuehn
To: Janis Kracht
Date: 2004-06-09 20:29:32
Subject: SWT FileDialog

* Originally by: Gerrit Kuehn (2:246/4020), 14 May 04 07:03.

Hello Janis!

14 May 04 07:03, Gerrit Kuehn wrote to Janis Kracht:

 >>> Actually I would expect a box with a dropdown menu containing the 
 >>> strings in the array above. But there is no such thing.
 >>> Does this thing work for you in any way, so you could possibly post 
 >>> some code here that is known to work?

 JK>> Ron has used this, and says it works.. maybe later tonight I can 
 JK>> swipe some of his code, and show it to you <bg>.  I'm not sure how 
 JK>> long ago he used it though, but I'll see what I can find.

 GK> That would be great.
 GK> I found one snippet using this via Google yesterday which showed the 
 GK> same behaviour as my own code: there simply is nothing filtered. 
 GK> Meanwhile I think there is something else I'm missing, though I 
 GK> cannot imagine what that should be.

Meanwhile I found out that this is a known bug with Eclipse 2.1.x and gtk
2.4.x. Seems to be fixed for Eclipse 3.0, but they probably won't backport
the fix. :(


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