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From: Gerrit Kuehn
To: Janis Kracht
Date: 2004-05-13 20:30:36
Subject: SWT FileDialog

Hello Janis!

13 May 04 11:09, Janis Kracht wrote to Gerrit Kuehn:

 JK> Hi Gerrit,

 >> dialogShell.setFilterExtensions(new String[] { "*.spe;
*.SPE", "*.*"

 JK> Is the ; after .spe a typo?  I've placed a carot (^) below the 
 JK> semi-colon, above.

No, but it doesn't work without it, either. :)
Actually I would expect a box with a dropdown menu containing the strings
in the array above. But there is no such thing.
Does this thing work for you in any way, so you could possibly post some
code here that is known to work?


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