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From: Pdn Hq
To: All
Date: 2003-07-08 03:18:58
Subject: New PDN files

Today, <<Prism bbs received the following files:

Area: PDNNEWS     Electronic Newsletters/magazines         Origin: 1:261/38
 File: (315kB)
 Desc: The code listings for the August 2003 issue of C/C++ Users Journal
       include source code for Ilan Shamir's article, "Licensing Using
       Symmetric and Asymmetric Cryptography;" Alen Talibov's article,
       "Implementing and SSL/TLS-Enabled Client/Server on Windows Using GSS
       API;" Matthew Wilson's article, "Generalized String Manipulation:
       Access Shims and Type Tunneling;" Miro Samek's column, "The Embedded
       Angle;" Thomas Becker's column "STL & Generic
Programming;" and Jim
       Hyslop and Herb Sutter's column, "Conversations." Also included is
       source code for Sayed Hashimi's online article, "Custom Components in
       ASP.NET (using C#)."

 File: (205kB)
 Desc: Dr.Dobbs Journal August, 2003 Contents: Lightweight Aspect-Oriented
       Programming Cleanroom Software Engineering Extreme Parsing Creating
       .INI Classes in Java Overriding the C++ Operator== Real-time Signal
       Analysis & Real-TimeLinux UML 2.0 & Model-Driven Architectures C
       Programming Column

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