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From: Nancy Backus
To: George White
Date: 2004-03-11 22:48:46
Subject: Re: Calendar notes

-=> Quoting George White to Nancy Backus on 02-28-04  11:32 <=-

 NB> This was very interesting reading... Only problem was that it cut
 NB> off before the end of the article, apparently... This (below) is
 NB> the end of what was in the message:
 SH>> e)   The English financial year had previously begun on the 25th
 SH>> March with each new AD year.  Because the financial community of
 SH>> the time refused to accept one year being shSEEN!BY: 5/0 140/1
 SH>> 7105/1 7106/20 22 46

 GW> Didn't see that one here :-(
Perhaps the length of it made it get corrupted on its way to you...?

 NB> Would you (could you) please send the rest of the article as well?
 NB> Thanks.... :)

 GW> Oops! Looks like someone along the way is truncating the message :-(

Yes.  That's what I was figuring, too... It was quite a long message,
and I do know that some nodes along the way can't handle more than a
certain length...  that could have caused corruption on other routes
than the one that made it to me, simply truncated...  That's why I had
suggested that perhaps he could try it in smaller chunks, so that all of
it would make it around...  :)

ttyl          neb

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