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From: Stephen Hayes
To: All
Date: 2004-11-13 06:51:38
Subject: Falkenberg queries

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From: hayesmstw{at} (Steve Hayes)

FALKENBERG 1827-1882
 Researcher: Steve Hayes
             PO Box 7648, Pretoria, 0001 RSA
 FALKENBERG, Michael John Christian, born Gollmitz, Prussia 25
 July 1827, emigrated to British Kaffraria 1858. First wife
 appears to have died in voyage or soon after; married Justine
 Wilhelmine (Jessie) Schultz about 1864 in Cape Colony. Was
 trader in Tambookie Location, later in Queenstown, Eastern Cape,
 South Africa. Looking for parents, siblings, and details of both
         Last updated: 11 November 2004

SCHULTZ 1822-1910
 Researcher: Steve Hayes
             PO Box 7648, Pretoria, 0001 RSA
 SCHULTZ, Martin, b. 1822, Wendemark, Prussia, Germany, 1822.
 Married 9 June 1844 at Meichow, Ueckermark, Brandenburg to
 Justine HOLTZENDORFF. Emigrated to Cape Colony 1858 (British
 Kaffraria). Children: Wilhelmine Luise, b. 1844; Wilhelm
 Friedrich, b. 1847; Justine Wilhelmine, b. 1849; Marie Luise, b.
 1852; Wilhelmine Caroline, b. 1855; August, b. 1858; all born at
 Meichow. Daughter Justine Wilhelmine was 2nd wife of Michael
 John Christian FALKENBERG, and second wife of Charles John KOCH.
 Looking for dates and places of death of parents and other
 children, and any descendants.
         Last updated: 11 November 2004

Steve Hayes
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