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From: Stephen Hayes
To: All
Date: 2003-10-03 04:56:34
Subject: Society of Antiquaries of Scotland - Slightly OT

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From: "L. Bousbaine" <wayland{at}>

This may be slightly OT, but it's a fantastic resource for researchers of
Scottish history.Lesley BousbaineLeicester, UK

The Society of Antiquaries of Scotland and the Archaeology Data Service
are proud to announce the launch, on 2 October 2003, of the digital
publications archive of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland. The
project to scan the entire back run of the Proceedings of the Society of
Antiquaries of Scotland (volumes 1-128), Archaeologia Scotica and the
Society's out-of-print monographs has been funded by Historic Scotland,
the ArchWay project and the Russell Trust. The scanned documents have been
linked by the Archaeology Data Service to the existing ArchWay Project
lists of contents. The archive comprises over 3000 articles and book
chapters on Scottish archaeology, architecture, history and material
culture published over two centuries - from 1792 to 1998. Access to this
unique resource is free of charge, offered as a service to scholars and
other interested readers worldwide. The resource can be accessed from 2
October through the web-site of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland at:

Users should note that, owing to restrictions in the scope of the ArchWay
database, more ephemeral parts of volumes, such as Society business papers
and lists of gifts to the Museum, are not consistently available. These
will, however, be available on the CD version due for launch later this
year. For more details contact the Society.

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