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From: Stephen Hayes
To: All
Date: 2004-11-08 05:28:36
Subject: Lloyd's George's Domesday

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In a message dated 04/11/2004 09:54:47 GMT Standard Time, roy{at}  
Family historians are in his debt for a little-known source  
colloquially known as "Lloyd's George's  Domesday".

It  is described at length in:
?C#Land and Society in Edwardian Britain?CY Brian  Short, Cambridge University
ISBN 0-521-57035-2

This revealing new addition to Cambridge Studies in Historical Geography  
presents some of the first researches into a trove of hitherto inaccessible  
primary source material. A controversial component of Lloyd George?COes People?COes  
Budget of 1909?Co10 was the ?CyeNew Domesday?COe of land ownership and land values. 
This  rich documentation, for long locked away in the Inland Revenue?COes offices, 
became  available to the public in the late 1970s. For the growing number of 
scholars of  early twentieth century urban and rural Britain, Dr Short offers 
both a coherent  overview and a standard source of reference to this valuable 
archive. Part I is  concerned with the processes of assembling the material and 
its style of  representation; Part II with suggested themes and locality 
studies. A final  chapter places this new material in the context of discourses of 
state  intervention in landed society prior to the Great War.

Regards Stan Mapstone

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