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From: Stephen Hayes
To: All
Date: 2004-03-23 08:29:02
Subject: TMG cheaper to download

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Subject: Announcement: Lower Download Pricing for TMG
From: lissa{at} (Lissa Soergel)
Date: Tue, 23 Mar 2004 00:59:14 +0000 (UTC)


Lower Download Pricing For The Master Genealogist

COLUMBIA, Maryland [22 March 2004] - Wholly Genes Software today announced 
a new base price of just $34.00 for its top-rated family history project 
manager, The Master Genealogist ("TMG").  Researchers who download the 
product from the company Web site and forego the shipment of the CD and 
printed Users Guide can now get TMG v5 Gold Edition at a new low price of 
just $59.00.  The Silver Edition, which lacks some of the more advanced 
publishing tools, is now just $34.00.

These new low prices are in response to the increasing number of users who 
prefer to save money by downloading their software from the Web.  "Although 
users have always had the option to download TMG v5, some users prefer to 
rely on the electronic manual and avoid the costs associated with a 
physical shipment," said Bob Velke, President of Wholly Genes.  "The issue 
is especially important to overseas researchers who are subject to import 
taxes and the rising costs of international shipping," said Velke.

In an age where printed software manuals are rare, The Master Genealogist 
Gold Edition is renowned for its 400-page Users Guide, which has proved 
popular among users for its extra large print.  The product will still be 
available with the printed manual and CD-ROM for its regular price of 
$79.95 plus shipping.  The CD-ROM version of TMG Silver Edition is also 
still available for $39.95 plus shipping.  Both products are available from 
the company Web store, as well as from a variety of genealogy book and 
supply stores.

For more information or a demo, please visit or write to sales{at}

About Wholly Genes Software

Founded in 1991, Wholly Genes, Inc., of Columbia, Maryland, publishes 
professional caliber software tools for family historians.  Its flagship 
product, The Master Genealogist ("TMG"), was first released in 1993 and 
quickly earned the praise of professional researchers and hobbyists 
alike.  Through constant development of leading-edge features, TMG has 
earned its longstanding reputation as "the one that does it all."  In 
addition to other family history products and services, Wholly Genes is the 
developer of the GenBridge import technology, which is built into a variety 
of third-party products to directly import family history data.

The Master Genealogist and GenBridge are trademarks of Wholly Genes, Inc.

Tim Shaw
Office Manager
Wholly Genes Software
410-715-2260 x127

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