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From: Stephen Hayes
To: All
Date: 2003-10-24 08:42:22
Subject: Somerset queries

Some Somerset queries from the Genealogical Query Database:

ASHBY 1881-1881
 Researcher: Kaye Mobsby
             Unit 1, 10 Park Ave., East Brisbane, 4169. Australia
  ASHBY, George and Alfred (brothers) in Frome, Somerset, 1881.
  Information/descendants please.
         Last updated: 1 October 2000

CHAWNER 1931-1998
 Researcher: Stephen Hayes
             PO Box 7648, Pretoria, 0001 South Africa
  CHAWNER, John, m. Elizabeth Ann HAYES (b. 1931) and had 2
  children, Susan (b. 1950) and Jeremy (b. 1954). Location
  unknown, but probably England, possibly Somerset. Looking for
  details of children and descendants.
         Last updated: 23 October 2003

CLIFFORD 1755-1855
 Researcher: Mr G. Mitchell
             44 Langdorf Road, Bedminster Down, Bristol BS13 7AR
                 England UK
  CLIFFORD, Charles, bap 19 Jan 1791, son of Joseph & Lydia, of
  Shepton Mallet, a stonemason. married Sarah Wickham, 10 Feb
  1812. Father Joseph bap. 17 Aug 1755 at St James, Bath,
  Somerset, England. Would like to know when Charles died or was
         Last updated: 12 July 1998

DUNN / BRODY 1870-1970
 Researcher: Stephen Hayes
             PO Box 7648, Pretoria, 0001 South Africa
  DUNN, Christine Eliza Seymour, b. 17 Aug 1913, probably in
  Somerset or Bristol, England, dau. of Robert Seymour DUNN and
  Gertrude Barbara HAYES married P. BRODY and had two children:
  John BRODY and Seymour BRODY. Looking for details of children
  and other descendants.
         Last updated: 23 October 2003

DUNN / HAYES / GRIDLEY 1880-1960
 Researcher: Steve Hayes
             PO Box 7648, Pretoria, 0001 South Africa
  DUNN, Robert Seymour, son of Robert Bickham DUNN, married
  Gertrude Barbara HAYES on 12 Sep 1912 at St Mary's Henbury.
  They had four daughters: Christine Eliza m. P. BRODY; Mary m.
  D. DODRELL; Mercia m. Hardy ALLIES; and Lorna (never married or
  spouse unknown). Two cousins of the bride were mentioned as
  being present: Dorothy GRIDLEY and Queenie MILLS. The DUNN
  family later lived in Bristol, Somerset and Gloucestershire,
  England. Looking for any information about the people present
  at the wedding or their descendants.
         Last updated: 23 October 2003

ELSON 1823-1881
 Researcher: Eric Love
             1 Addison Square, Ringwood, Hants, BH24 1NY
  ELSON, John (waiter/chandler). Born c. 1823, Bridgewater,
  Somerset, Looking for his baptism and his father John. No 1851
  census entries found in Somerset or Bristol. John jun. m. Jane
  Light of Yatton, Somerset at Weston-super-Mare on 26 Dec 1851
  while living nearby. Five children: Mary Ellen (b 1857, m. John
  Clifford); John Light (my grandfather, b. 7 Jan 1854,
  Weston-super-Mare); William (b. 1859, m. Jenny Hicks); Kate (b.
  1862, m. Charles Henry Wilson); Frank (b. 1867,
  Littleton-on-Severn, Gloucestershire. No census found before
  1881 when John jun. & family were at Bedminster, Bristol.
  Census entries welcome.
         Last updated: 4 December 1998

HARDING 1790-1870
 Researcher: Mr Nicholas J. Royal
             8 Southernhay Cres., Clifton Wood, Bristol BS8 4TT
                 England, UK
  HARDING, William Cary, late innkeeper of White Hart Inn, Stoke
  Lane, Stoke St Michael, Somerset, England. b. 1808, Evercreech.
  Wife Rebecca POYNER b. 1812. Children: Herbert b. 1835, Arthur
  William Poyner b. 1837, Alfred b. 1839, William Henry b. 1840.
  Also his sister Elizabeth b. 1822 E. Cranmore & husband James
  RICH late of Stoke Lane, victualler b. 1807. Had children. All
  left 1844 to unknown place. Also poss. another sister Sarah b.
  1815 E. Cranmore & husband John REYNOLDS, Lovington b. 1792,
  last known 1851 at Lovington.
         Last updated: 27 April 1998

HAYES 1878-1978
 Researcher: Steve Hayes
             PO Box 7648, Pretoria, 0001 South Africa
  HAYES, Elsie Dora, born about 1886, in Axbridge, Somerset,
  England. Father William Allen Hayes, nother Mary Barber Hayes,
  born Stooke, were living in Bedminster in 1881 census, but by
  1902 were at Red Lion Hotel, Axbridge. She does not appear to
  have been married by the time her father died in 1915, when she
  would have been about 30. Said by some members of the family to
  have married a cricketer called Woodward (who does not appear
  in Wisden obituaries). Looking for date of birth, death, and
  info on marriage and children if any.
         Last updated: 23 October 2003

HAYES / HAYS 1780-1790
 Researcher: Steve Hayes
             PO Box 7648, Pretoria, 0001 RSA
  HAYES, Simon. b. c1785 in North Curry, Somerset, England.
  Married Rachel Allen in Winscombe, Somerset, in 1814. In 1851
  census shown as living with Giles Williams, brother in law, at
  Winscombe, aged 65. In 1861 census shown as living with son
  John Hayes at Bedminster, aged 77. Both census records show his
  birth place as North Curry. Seeking information on parents &
         Last updated: 23 October 2003

HUTLEY 1871-1957
 Researcher: P Courtney
             Harris Road Rural Delivery No 5, Whangarei, New
  Samuel John HUTLEY, schoolteacher, born 1871 . Father Edward,
  blacksmith. Teaching Felixstowe, Suffolk 1921. Married Ellen
  Richards 1894, Ipswich. One son Jack, in Navy 1920s. Sometime
  maybe Kingsbridge, Devon, 1957 possibly Somerset.
         Last updated: 13 December 1997

LANSEY 1828-1829
 Researcher: Catherine Monro
             Laburnum Cottage, Batheaston, Bath BA1 7DY, England
  LANSEY, William, married Sarah Shepherd at Cannington,
  Somerset, England in 1828. James died 1829. One daughter
  sought. Also details of Sarah's subsequent marriage to Samuel
         Last updated: 24 July 2000

PALMER 1860-1900
 Researcher: D.H. Palmer
             Whitegates Farm, Rushton, Northants NN14 1QS,
                 England UK
  PALMER, Walter H.H. & Ernest Henry, both born
  Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset, England, then moved to London.
  Cannot find them on 1871 or 1891 census. Ideas and information
         Last updated: 18 December 1998

SAVERY 1900-1950
 Researcher: Mr D.B. Savery
             33 Clover Close, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire
                 CV37 0TB England UK
  SAVERY, Samuel. He was a teacher at a school in Halstead,
  Essex, England. The school closed in 1906. He also lectured at
  a university in London. His wife Eliza was a wood carver.
  Samuel came from Taunton, Somerset. Where did he go when
  Halstead closed?
         Last updated: 4 January 2001

STONE 1700-1785
 Researcher: Peter Stone
             Box 51, Nottingham Rd, KZN, RSA, 3280
  STONE, Thomas, father of Elizabeth b. 1752, James b. 1754, Ann
  b. 1755, Sarah b. 1758 and possibly Thomas b. 1744. Wife,
  possibly Mary. Possibly married at Nether Stowey, Somerset
  1743. According to entry in the diary of Rev. William Holland
  (Vicar of Over Stowey 1799 to 1818) for 28 Nov 1809 he was a
  tenant farmer of Lord Egmont the then owner of Quantock House.
  Son James (buried Over Stowey 1837) continued with the tenancy
  until he was given notice to move to another farm in 1809
  possibly at Adscombe or Aley (sometimes spelt Ely). Would like
  to know the parentage, place and DoB of Thomas, also place and
  DoM , maiden name, and her places and DoB and DoD of his wife.
  Her maiden name may have been Mary Allercott. Any other
  information, such as his will and records of his tenancy, would
  be welcome.
         Last updated: 17 June 1998

VAUSE 1822-1876
 Researcher: Steve Hayes
             PO Box 7648, Pretoria, 0001 RSA
  VAUSE, Richard, born in Hull, Yorkshire, England 2 May 1822,
  son of John Vause and Eleanor Wyatt. Married St Saviour's,
  Bath, Somerset to Matilda Park 6 January 1852. Emigrated to
  Natal, South Africa, in 1852, and died in Durban in 1876. How
  did he come to marry in Bath? Looking for biographical
  information, especially on early life, siblings etc.
         Last updated: 23 October 2003

WILKINS 1815-1880
 Researcher: L. Wilkins
             69 Fern Road, Newton Abbot, Devon TQ12 6RN, England
  WILKINS, James, born 1817 Galhampton, Somerset, England.
  Merchant in 1845 London, Marylebone, Married Susan Bassett. Son
  John James Bassett Oliver Cromwell born 1847 was at 57 Lisson
  Grove, Marylebone 1872, wine cooper and bottler. Any
  information - especially why "Oliver Cromwell".
         Last updated: 21 March 2001


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Steve Hayes
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