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From: Nancy Backus
To: Miles Maxted
Date: 2004-04-07 22:30:54
Subject: Re: Calendar

-=> Quoting Miles Maxted to Hedley Hunnisett on 04-05-04  05:00 <=-

 SH> And I'm glad to see you're still here - how many BBSs are operating in
 SH> your area?

 MM> Hello, Both ...  I seem to be tracking your conversation with 
 MM> being able to contribute;  please let me know if you don't receive 
 MM> this....

 MM> If you do, a Happy New Year to you - nice to see correspondents 
 MM> from busier days still cruising the echoes...

 MM> :-))

Nice to see that there's still a number of us at least lurking... <G>
And at least we still have an international crew... Steve in South
Africa, you in New Zealand, Hedley in Great Britain, me in the USA,
etc...  :)

ttyl      neb

... Why do they keep moving my paperwork from the dining-room table?

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